Voice Demos & Credits

“Balinder and I first met when I cast her as the narrator for a radio serial adaptation of Rohinton Mistry’s “A Fine Balance”. She had such skill in the subtle art of narration, projecting all the nuances of emotion with the slightest of variations, that it was hard for me to imagine that she was actually a maths teacher, not an actor, by profession.

Since then, I have recommended her as an actor to many. She has served as a cultural consultant on several projects as well, since her research skills are considerable and her reach into her community comes from a place of knowledge and respect.”
Kathleen Flaherty — CBC Radio
“Your narration and storytelling of The Great Night of Shiva was exquisite! The broadcaster was impressed, as well as the audience. Looking forward to working with you in the future.”
Peter Campbell, Producer/Director
— The Great Night of Shiva
Sindoor (Photo by Lisa Gratton,
courtesy Ramkali Productions)
Great Night of Shiva
Abridge (Photo by John Molnar,
courtesy DC Lessoway)

Voice and Narration Demos

Story Telling from The Great Night of Shiva (video):

Voiceover PSA in Punjabi:

Narration from A Fine Balance (radio play):

Radio Commercial in Punjabi:

Hindi Sample:

Narration, Voice Over and Story Telling Credits

On Camera Narration (Educational Videos)
Discipline Punjabi Family Educational Services
Self-Esteem Punjabi Family Educational Services
Communication Punjabi Family Educational Services
Tears and Sighs Punjabi O.A.S.I.S.
Off Camera Voice Over and Narration
Dreams of the Night Cleaners (Storyteller) English National Film Board
The Great Night of Shiva (Storyteller) English May street Production Ltd.
Children of the Tsunami English Christian Bruyere
Contraceptive Choices Punjabi Planned Parenthood Assoc.
Angioplasty Punjabi Vancouver General Hospital
Heart Catheterization Punjabi U.B.C. Bio-Medical Lab
Going Home after Heart Surgery Punjabi U.B.C. Bio-Medical Lab
Eating For a Healthy Baby Punjabi Vancouver Health Department
Feeding Your Baby — The First Year Punjabi Vancouver Health Department
Women’s Health Centre Punjabi University Hospital
Preventing Tooth Decay — Infants & Toddlers Punjabi Vancouver Health Department
Theatre Narration
A Fine Balance English C.B.C. Radio
Sirhand Dee Deewar Punjabi Punjab kala Manch
Mittar Piare Nu Punjabi Harpal Tiwana Foundation
Public Service Announcements
Runoff Punjabi Recycling Council of BC
Washing the Car Punjabi Recycling Council of BC
Lawn Care Punjabi Recycling Council of BC
School Board Punjabi & Hindi ESL Project
Vancouver Election Campaign Hindi Let’s Vote, Vancouver

Special Skills:

  • Masters of Arts in Punjabi, Master of Arts in Education, UBC.
  • Languages: English, Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu. Fluent in literary and colloquial Punjabi, English & Hindi.