(see Screen Credits below)
Beeba Boys


Beeba Boys

This being Mehta, the female characters are three dimensional.

“Balinder Johal gives Jeet's Mom real heft.”
Tiff Reviews 2015 - Susan G. Cole
Heaven on Earth


Heaven on Earth

Leo Nominee 2009 — Best Supporting Performance by a Female in a Feature Length Drama

“Balinder Johal plays the mother-in-law from hell.”
Mathew Hays, Montreal Mirror
Pink Ludoos


Pink Ludoos

Old Lady Cheema (Balinder Johal) comforts Gugan (Jay Cazim), when the latter becomes pregnant with triplets as an unwed mother.

The Birthday


The Birthday

Leo Award 2008 — Best Performance by a Female in a Short Drama

49th & Main


49th and Main

“Balinder, you were the scariest mother-in-law ever!”
Barbara Ellison, Writer



Rheka (Balinder Johal) — last member of the Kali cult — and Will (Robin Dunne) are captured by Forsythe (Callum Blue) when Will becomes the new herald of Kali. But Rheka refuses to help Forsythe.

Plant Girl


Plant Girl

Nanna (Balinder Johal) attempts to reach out to the lonely young girl and helps her to explore life outside the fence.


Screen Credits

Film (selected — see IMDb Website for full list of credits)
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No Men Beyond This Point Principal YXY Prods / Mark Sawers
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Killer Punjabi Supporting Rav Prods /Lakhvir Bansi
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Jatt and Juliet Supporting White Hill Prods / Anura Singh
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Canadian Dream Supporting White Hill Productions
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Josie & the Pussy Cats Principal Josie Productions Ltd.
Becoming Dick Principal BD Productions Inc.
Gunfighter’s Moon Principal Gunfighter Productions
Seeking Fear Principal Lands off Productions
First Generation Lead M.R. Productions Inc.

6 Leo Award Winner 2020 — Best Performance by a female in a Mini Series - The 410

5 Leo Award Nominee 2016 — Best Performance by a female in a Feature Length Drama

4 Canadian Screen Nominee 2016 — Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role

3 Leo Award Nominee 2012 — Best Supporting Performance in a Short Drama

2 Leo Award Nominee 2009 — Best Supporting Performance in a Feature

1 Leo Award Award 2008 — Best Female Performance


Television (selected — see IMDb Website for full list of credits)
Prison Break (Ep# 104) Actor FOX Series / Guy Ferland
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49th and Main (Ep # 1,2,3,6) Recurring Principal CBC
The Collector “The Pharmacist” Guest Star No Equal Entertainment
Da Vinci's Inquest (Ep # 90) Principal CBC
Da Vinci's Inquest (Ep # 60) Principal CBC
Animal Miracles Lead Animal
Chaachiji (80 Ep — Punjabi) Lead Multi and Vision
Pardes (Hindi) Lead New Vision Entertainment
Waris (Hindi) Lead Teamwork Films